Contact Phone: (406)309-2761

Animal: Dog
Status: lost
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: male
Appr. Age: 3-5
Primary Color: Multi color
Date: 02/21/2017
Pet Name: Slendi

Description: We have been searching for over 3 years to find our dog Slendi, He is a husky mix Tri-color mostly black white and brown, 2 blue eyes and 1 eye has a brownish black spot in his eye. He had a surgery on the top of his head so there should still be a scar, He is fixed. We went out of town when someone stole him from the yard, Our dog sitter looked everywhere for him and had let us know that someone had taken him to the Flathead Shelter. When contacting the shelter we had found out someone brought our dog in wrongfully claiming to be his owners and dropped him off, Then he became adopted by someone. The shelter will not allow us to know who took our dog home with them, Nor did they mention he has a family. He is registered under my husbands name and we have all vet and city records showing the ownership we had of the dog, Rabies shots and all. We are hoping to get the word out there so maybe the person who has him now with contact us and let us see and have our dog back. He is greatly missed by the whole family and kids. He is a huge part of our family and ever since hes been missing we have felt a piece of us gone. HHe has been with us since mine and my husbands wedding day, So we are hoping the person who has him now does the right thing. We want to know where he is, If he's okay and has been taken care of and loved like we live him. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail, text, or call Please leave voicemail if no answer Please contact us with any imformation on who has or where our dog might be. We have have made a number of attempts to put up fliers, But someone keeps tearing them down and ripping them up. We have contacted places we have taken our dog and people we know to help find him. Although it has been years and we still have no information or word, We still want to find our dog and know everything is okay. Please help us in this desperate attempt to find our missing family dog. Thank You all.

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