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Animal: Cat
Status: found
Breed: Tabby
Gender: female
Appr. Age: 8 months to 1 yr?
Primary Color: Various shades of grey, stripes
Date: 11/01/2019
Pet Name: ?

Description: This sweet & adorable grey tabby kitty (difficult to tell her age) was seen running through the fields, often being chased away by other cats & dogs in our area for a few months towards the end of summer. We asked all the neighbors if they knew the owners of the kitty/cat. No one in the neighborhood claimed her. Everyone was reluctant to feed her, hoping that she would go home. She is not feral and her behavior indicates that she had a home. She is very sweet, not fearful of people and loves to play. When the weather got cold, she came to our back patio. Since some of the neighbor’s large cats roam up her and try to get her away, we didn’t feel that she was safe outside, especially with the onset of cold weather, so we finally let her in and fed her. By this time, she was pretty thin. We can not keep her, as we have an 18 month old Malinois with a strong pray drive, who wants to chase cats, squirrels, etc., and an 8 yr old cat who does not accept other cats. (Since we rescued the dog at the age of 8 months, our 8 yr old cat stays in the master bedroom where the dog is not able to get to her. We were told that the dog got along with cats, before we agreed to take her.) The lost kitty is currently safe in the downstairs walk-in cellar that is heated, with the door closed to the main part of the house. We are hoping that by posting this her original owners will find her. I don’t want to take her to a shelter if we can find her owners. This young cat is small and does not want to go back outside. I fear if she goes to the shelter, she might be used as a barn cat. She loves to play with people and cuddle when tired. She appears to have had a loving home. Her tabby coat has many tones of grey stripes and markings.

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