Contact Phone: 707.296.6189

Animal: $1,000.00 REWARD. Grey, long hair, white belly /socks Cat
Status: lost
Breed: Maine Coon/ Tabby feline
Gender: female
Appr. Age: 10
Primary Color: Grey/ white
Date: 06/20/2020
Pet Name: Babies / Missy/ Princess Greya

Description: $1,000.00 REWARD. Please help me find my cat. Please email me/ text/ call with any info and for more pictures. Hello Hoomans, I am a spayed, long-hair, grey, green-eyed female Maine Coon and I am now about 10 years old. I have a distinguishing marks (see attached pictures) around my nose, a white tuxedo under my chin and white belly, and white socks: knee-high on back legs and mittens on front lets. I go by a few names: Missy, Meowzers, Princess Greyah, and Baby. I don't have a microchip unfortunately. :( I am a fluff ball and everyone says how soft I am! My owner Bryan is a silly man. He let one of his friends adopt me when he was going to college as a temporary arrangement, with the stipulation she (Rachel Grant from Whitefish Montana) would call him if it didn't work out. She brought me up to Whitefish, Montana for my new living arrangement. Well, it didn't work out but she didn't call him. She gave me away or adopted me, but claims she can't remember where, though said it was an elderly lady, but it's possible it may have been a shelter. He is very worried about me and wants to find me so he can drive up to Monata and bring me home. He always scans the shelters trying to find me, but now is reaching out to shelters Montana-wide. He lives in California and he adopted me when I was only a little kitten. I grew up with him in Trinity County, California. I was born in May-June 2010. I came up to Montana in 2014 and lived near Whitefish, Montana. A year or two later I was given away against my owner's will and against the agreement he had made with Rachel. It may be possible the dog scared me away and I am now a stray, a barn cat, or something like that. I love to play, but have a hard time getting along with other animals. For this reason I may mistakenly be considered a stray/ barn cat, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Please, if you have seen me get in contact with my owner Bryan. Also, please keep an eye out for me. I have a happy home in California where I am truley missed. If you know where I am currently living in Montana, please just reach out and let Bryan know I'm okay and in a happy home. Thank you, Baby the Grey Maine Coon. And owner Bryan Lester (707) 296-6189

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